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Nosferatu - Anniversary NFT collection

The first movie to be produced by NFT owners!

NOSFERATU: A Liturgy of Terror, a 100 minutes feature film - The first movie to be produced by NFT owners!

Because we strongly believe that the future is about original content & crypto world in Web 3.0. Right now we live in a pioneering stage with the NFT phenomenon.

The next step after NFT is original content created by crypto communities, such as FILMS and TV SERIES especially.
The day when the film-making industry will be a solid part of the crypto world is not far!

And when it will come it will change everything forever.

The Collection

Nosferatu NFT is a release of 10000 collectables
for the anniversary of 100 years from the first horror movie in film history:
1922-2022 Murnau's Nosferatu.


Individual NFT benefits:

- staking (earn Film tokens starting Q3 2022).
- whitelisted for early presale on Film Vesting Tokenization, starting 0.02 EGLD.

Full Collection NFT benefits:

- staking (earn Film tokens starting Q3 2022).
- whitelisted for early presale on Film Vesting Tokenization, starting 0.02 EGLD.
- 25% of any box office/streaming revenues from Nosferatu Film to be shared equally with all Full Collections.
- qualifies for company shares in Elrond Film Studios.

The Roadmap

Q1 2022

Idea/Concept + Nosferatu NFT release over www.nosferatu-nft.com

Q2 2022

Film Vesting @ Elrond Blockchain released with NFT owners whitelisted
Film Tokenization starts @ 0.02 EGLD presale.

Q3 2022

Filming Nosferatu: A Liturgy of Terror feature film.

Q4 2022

Film editing complete & theatrical trailer release. Festivals Circuit starts.

Q1 2023

Nosferatu Film premiere across world festivals.
2nd film (Dacian Wars) released for vesting @ Elrond Blockchain.

Q2 2023

More festivals for Nosferatu feature film. Also various events for marketing&PR

Q3 2023

Official release in cinema & streaming platforms for Nosferatu: A Liturgy of Terror

Q4 2023

Investment return from Nosferatu film sales into Elrond Blockchain of 50% from any sales generated by the box office/streaming.


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The creative people behind "NOSFERATU Anniversary NFT"

Florian A. Anghel

is an independent film writer and director from Bucharest, Romania. His latest work is a short terror movie called "Strigoi", released in 2021 it won 14 international awards including Best Horror Short at the 14th edition of the Cannes Short Film Festival.
Florian A. Anghel on IMBD

Dumitru Sandulache

is a senior developer with high expertise in programming and coding, assisting us with the development of our upcoming Global Film Funding Community @ Elrond Community.

Sandulache Dumitru on Linkedin

Sorin Craciun

is our Art Director and concept art designer, also the illustrator of the NFT collection. Sorin has over 15 years of experience in advertising, 2D animation, concept thinking and photography.

Sorin Craciun @ Elanul Galben

First Film Funding Platform: We are the first to release global film funding with NFT owners as partners on Elrond Blockchain.

TOKENS: On our upcoming NFT film & series funding platform we are releasing scarce and valuable tokenization as low as 0.02 EGLD (whitelisted only) starting in Q3 2022 (aiming for June 2022).

VESTING: Will be over 5 years of development, with the release of our tokens & films to be funded, gradually. In 30 sessions every 2 months, each session growing in value exponentially.

Have a look over Elrond Film Studios whitepaper:


This is more than charity, this is about remembering and honouring the very symbol of Romanian freedom & democracy: the first children killed in Bucharest during the Romanian Revolution in 1989. The present has forgotten them and there is literally no monument to remind us about their sacrifice for our today's freedom.

The donation will be made directly to the "Humanitarian Foundation Mihai Gitlan". Find more about this here: https://www.fumg.org

We will donate 10% of EGLD sales for Nosferatu Anniversary NFT.

Our community on Elrond Blockchain will raise this monument of honour & respect for our fallen heroes.



We’re available to provide more info about this project and more - contact@nosferatu-nft.com

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